Five Menswear Appropriate Pieces Women Won't Let Go Of

Five Menswear Appropriate Pieces Women Won't Let Go Of

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Fashion tends to go all over the place. Trends are revisited, black is the new ivory, Anna Wintour decides crocodile is in and PETA gets offended. For men, the choice has always been pretty straightforward and for some women, the idea of buying a thing or two from the other side of the store suddenly seems more appealing.

I’m sure most men are on the fence about the boyfriend jeans (and by on the fence I mean I know you probably loath them almost as much as mom jeans) but as far as the rest goes, most menswear inspired pieces women own gives them a savvy and sophisticated look. Let us discuss.

The Tailored Coat

tailored coat

Throw it over your shoulders and look like you’re about to take over the world in one business meeting. I may be slightly exaggerating, but there’s just something about completing your look with the clean lines of a great coat that makes you feel like a boss, a lady and a pimp all at once.

The Loafer or Brogue Shoe

loafer trend

Because not all of us can survive a night in heels, there’s the option to cop out and go for the Duckie look. Pair one of these styles to a nice cropped pair of trousers and observe as you instantly look like a way hotter version of John Cryer.

The Dress Shirt (oversized)

dress shirt

The oversized trend is definitely here to stay and one of the best ways to rock said trend is via use of a dress shirt. So many options available from colors to textures, but nothing can beat the classic crisp white dress shirt paired with skinny jeans and stilettos.

The Chapeau

olivia wilde

Probably just as fun to wear as the tailored coat, a kick ass chapeau can literally make you feel like a new person. Take on the characters of Chaplin, Sherlock or Sinatra as you proudly walk into a Millinery store because you finally know what the hell that word means.

The Structured Bag

zoe saldana

If you hate the thought of being unprepared chances are you carry around a big bag with you. Recently, larger structured purses have been making their way on the shelves giving girls the luxury of style and practicality, which isn't always a pairing in fashion. In other words, there's no reason for us to be carrying this much stuff with us but we're women and we'll do what we fucking want.

In conclusion, the trick in all of this is not to go overboard. Mix these pieces with feminine accents or soft makeup to still keep the discernible fact that you’ve got boobs under there. 

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