An Interview With Photographer Grace Lillash

An Interview With Photographer Grace Lillash

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We spoke to Grace Lillash, an Ohio teen who's work is bringing the 90's back in a big way.

Trying to describe her images is useless, and can only be defined by a feeling - a nostalgia you could only experience while flipping through the pages of vintage magazines or old photos of friends. Her old school grunge aesthetic, which she says is due to the influence of the music she listens to and skate culture, is what I like to call "gut punch" photography; each photo is not only amusing and curious, but beautifully composed in color and style. Her photos feel like visual punches to your stomach.

How old are you?

I am 15 years old, it is my kept secret haha.

Describe your hometown.

The past few years I have opened up my eyes to Columbus more and more. The city itself is constantly growing and is full of amazing artists. Over the past year I have met so many inspiring people who push me to be the artist I am. You could see Columbus as a big or small city but it always has something new to offer.

 How did you start photography and film?

I started photography in middle school and with my older sister introducing the concept to me (shoutout to my older sister Chloe). I really started to get into filming a few years ago, wanting to tie my music taste into my work.

Who are the people featured in your work?

In my work I tend to feature my friends and people I've met on Instagram.


How do you explain the fact that you're so young (born in the 2000's) yet so in tune with the 90's aesthetic? 

From the music to the fashion, 90's style is everything. I get so much inspiration from this era, can not forget early 2000's too. I am falling in love with all the color and especially the skating style that went on.

You include music in your videos with a really nostalgic feel too, who are your favourite bands right now that inspire your work?

I am constantly favouring different bands but both Banes World and The Clean are my top two favourites at the moment!

Do you style your subjects and if so how would you describe the fashion in your work?

One of my favourite things about doing shoots is the styling. It is always a mixture of using either my own clothes or the person I'm shooting's stuff. I try to do as much color as possible and the clothes are usually thrifted.

Tell us something about your process that nobody knows.
Extra backup batteries are needed at all times and I love to have a good playlist playing in the background.

What is your favourite photograph of yours and what's the story behind it?

Hard to pick one favourite picture but I have to say this portrait (below) is a top one. Tulane on the left and Juno on the right, I was shooting the two for UNIF and felt this one portrait captured the them so well. I love these girls so much and hope to know them for a long time.

How did you get started with UNIF and what is your ideal next job?

My good friend Mia would always get UNIF and we would do shoots centered around the clothing. Now I continue to do shoots with UNIF, the clothing is full of color, always offers the best looks and is right up my alley for shoot concepts. It is hard to think of a next ideal job to have but I would to keep growing and working with different people from all around the world. A job with shooting clothing is something I am always down to do.

Describe the ideal photo

The ideal picture is one with a ton of color and a person you love in their natural state.

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