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Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Craziest News Stories of the Week!

Richard III Discovered Under a Parking Lot

Yep, the power-hungry, ballsy-to-the-bitter-end monarch immortalized by Shakespeare's play about his violent demise-- leading a charge then getting brutally hacked, stabbed and mutilated in the Battle of Bosworth Field has been found... under a parking lot (or as those posh brits say 'car park') in Leicester, England. Apparently, being a disgraced and generally hated King makes for some unceremonial burial rites and it took some digging (literally) for a team from the University of Leicester to find out where the approximate site is. A great scientific and historical discovery in an unlikely spot. (Full Article)


Theme Park to be Built Where Osama Bin Laden Was Shot?

Abbottabad: the Pakistani city where Osama Bin Laden was shot, has been having a bit of a dip in tourism...can't imagine why! What's not to like about a sleepy suburb in the middle of a semi-volatile country... Anyway, the city has decided to build a theme park in a quest to boost those numbers! Apparently it will have nothing to do with Bin Laden but will be more focused on things such as mini-putt and petting zoos...sounds legit. (Full Article


Ontario Cheese Factory Fire = Possible Poutine Shortage??!!

OH GOD WHY? WHY??!!!!! THE HUMANITY!!! (Full Article)


Porn Star In Space

Space: the final frontier. And now one brave porn star Coco Brown will be the first porn star in space. Ms. Brown has paid $100,000 of her own money to take part in a private Dutch Space mission and has already undergone all the necessary training. Unfortunately (i guess?) she said that sex under zero gravity will be too difficult, but fear not...she may still "pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background." (Full Article


Hitchhiker Saves lives By Killing Attacking Man with Hatchet

I can't even begin to do this story justice, and this larger than life drifter-turned-savior does a way better job so just watch the video below...(Full Article)


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The Buzz

  • Last week, Death Grips vocalist MC Ride (Stefan Burnett) posted an incredible selection of morbid acrylic paintings on his website. This was followed up with the chaotic new single titled, Hot Head. It's unclear if these two are related or if Hot Head will be on the upcoming Bottomless Pit release, but you can listen to the single below and decide for yourself. Get noided. A free download of Hot Head is also available from this link. 
  • French singer Laurence Nerbonne has definitely caught our attention. The music for her catchy single "Montreal XO" represents the city's vibe in all types of ways. This simple yet powerful music video was shot in Montreal and directed by Julien Demers Arsenault. The Montreal-made video features local talents and we even spotted some MARKANTOINE clothing in there.  This is the kind of indie-pop release that will get stuck on loop in your mind (in a good way) as you rewatch it for the Nth time to...
  • Montreal DJ and Producer Shash'U has released yet another visually appealing music video, this time for his single "Ur Body".  The track is off his ‘80s-inspired PWRFNK EP in which we have covered in his full interview piece as soon as it came out. Putting a playfully creepy spin on his roots in the professional street dance world, this body part-swapping clip directed by William Fradette takes viewers to “the lab” for real. A modern-day wink at the ol' fashion Frankenstein story, but with a...

Drop Your Skirt

  • We're always on the cusp of wanting to know what local Montreal designer Pedram Karimi has got up his sleeves. His avant-garde image brands him as a designer who likes to make garments that could stand-alone as art-pieces, and he definitely knows how to pick the right models to showcase his looks. His Spring/Summer 2016 campaign is in, and we are getting great vibes from it. Featuring long necks and perfect bowl-cuts on adrogynous models, filtered by a blue-silver tone, which ties in the old...
  • For the third season now, the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Footwear collection has gotten us fiending for its release on February 15th. This new collection, and on-going collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation features two of Warhol’s iconic pieces from the 1960’s - the Andy Warhol Cow wallpaper and Flowers in two options.  The bold contrast between the dark and the light gives these pairs of low tops and hi tops an even cooler complection under blacklights. Perfect for...
  • “Man braids” are apparently the newest trend that will hit the heads of menfolk this year. I’m sure their braids will look pair so well with other trends like beard baubles, mustache glitter, and whatever other Pinterest-fueled fad that looks more fun than practical. Beyond the fact that braids can’t be a new trend (cough cornrows cough), my main annoyance is with the name. Man-braids. Man. Braids. MAN. BRAIDS. It follows the same formula as the "man-bun". Adding 'man' in front of it is...

The Grind

  • In case you forgot who Roosh V was, let me sully your mind with this summary: Roosh is the creator of The Return of Kings, a website that promotes “neo-masculinity”- which just a fancy way of saying a movement based on extreme insecurity and blatant misogyny. Roosh has sparked protests across the world after attempting to share his teachings about neo-masculinity and being a PUA (Pick Up Artist). Roosh received a lot of criticism for attempting meet-ups in Canada, which lead him to disguise...
  • Take some time-off complaining from the cold weather and enjoy a little bit of beauty from Montreal. That’s exactly what we get here with a video titled Little Big World, which captures Montreal in a way you probably haven’t seen before. Utilizing the trend of tilt shift photography, Joerg Daiber shot these stunning visuals in various spots incuding the Old Port, the Olympic Stadium and showcasing great views from Mount Royal in 3 adorable minutes. With the tilt shift process, Montreal...
  • The Hangover. A morning consisting of a fuzzy, fried and foolish brain. I shamefully walk into work (after the guy whose face or name I can’t even remember drops me off) and reminisce on the one night stand the night before. Where are my undies? Well fuck. Where's my phone? In the pool. Where's my dignity? Lost.  drank. Staring at the remnants of the kebab and goon and Vodka and Baileys and every other alcohol mixed to mankind infused vomit on my shoe, along...
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