LISTEN | Liyv Takes Us Into Her Pastel Pop World With "Laser Eyes"

LISTEN | Liyv Takes Us Into Her Pastel Pop World With "Laser Eyes"

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We couldn't stop swooning over pastel pop artist Liyv.

The Seattle-based multi-talented singer/songwriter has got the full package: easy-to-listen to pop songs with quirky lyrics, a visual aesthetic that will satisfy your eyes for days, and a personality that is both relatable and warming. 

Liyv just released a new tune titled "Laser Eyes" which caught our ears right away and gave us the urge to dig deeper for more to discover. She holds a particular style throughout her music, where she chops up her vocals to accentuate the melody of the song offering an eargasmic effect that fits perfectly with her personality. The subject matter of her songs are so relatable that it is inevitable for you to want to become her best friend. 

"Laser Eyes" is a song about not having time for people with bad intentions. 

We took the time to lurk her soundcloud page and sent over a couple of questionf or her to answer. Scroll through our Q&A below and listen to her latest tune after the jump.

Could you describe Liyv in under 140 characters? 


When did you start making music ?

I started playing piano very young, and I was classically trained for over twelve years. I started writing songs of my own in high school. I would often skip class to write songs in the practice rooms in the choir hall. 

If you could describe your music using an emoji (or various emojis) which ones would you choose?

What is the last text message you sent (or received)? (screenshot or link) 

If you could pick one gif that describes your latest single “Laser Eyes” which one would it be? (link) 

What are some of the things that inspire you to make music? 

Crystals, honeydew, craft supplies, salt rocks, shimmering plants cultivating authenticity, the way my cats stare right through me as though seeing things that aren't there. 

What makes pastel so inspirational for you as an artist? 

They're better than other colors. 

If you have one thing to look forward to in the near future, what would it be?

I'm having Thai food tonight, so that's nice!


Listen to "Laser Eyes" right here, right now: 


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