SpaceGhostPurrp vs. Lil Sharky: The Most Hilarious Beef Ever

SpaceGhostPurrp vs. Lil Sharky: The Most Hilarious Beef Ever

Lil Sharky - Based As Fuck
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Over the weekend, 11 year old based rapper Lil Sharky dropped a track called "FUCK SGP! FREESTYLE" that sparked the flame of the most intense (and hilarious) Twitter beef I've ever had the pleasure of following. I'm not sure why a diss coming from a child with less lyrical ability than Lil B on a bad day would be enough to put the Raider Klan rapper's panties in a bunch, but it did and the results are just baffling.

Listen to the diss track here:

SGP heard the track and took to his Twitter account to voice his opinion, tweeting the most obscene shit you would never say to an 11-year-old regardless of what they did to you, such as:

Fuck a nigga named lil shark and fuck all y'all them red necks who wear sketcher Rollin shoes who support dat cracka

— SPACEGHOSTPURRP (@BlackRichyRich) August 31, 2014

Lil Sharky's rebuttals show you how butthurt SGP gets, making you question who the child really is:

@lilshark11: sgp eats turkey sanwiches for breakfest” Oh my god you're insulting me so so bad with this my lord please don't hurt me

— SPACEGHOSTPURRP (@BlackRichyRich) August 31, 2014

After he tweets something along the lines of "SHOUTS OUT TO MIAMI AND GEORGIA" and Shark replies that he's from Georgia, SGP goes as far as threatening the kid's family:

@lilshark11: @BlackRichyRich im in Georgia” Little fucking boy listen to me .. Calm the fuck down before you harm your family real talk

— SPACEGHOSTPURRP (@BlackRichyRich) August 31, 2014

Now I've been a fan of SpaceGhost's music since he was with affiliated with A$AP Mob but all I can say is that he could've handled this situation better. Oh well.

SpaceGhostPurrp Gon' Kill You

You can read more into the matter through their twitter accounts:

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