Confessions of a Montreal Stripper

Confessions of a Montreal Stripper

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My name is *******, and I am a Montreal stripper. You are about to read about my experience in an out of the business.

First of all I did get molested when I was five. All other strippers that I have talked to about it have been molested or raped too. The Dr.Phil guy says it's so we can try to get a sense of control over the situation that happened in our past. Maybe. I really don't know what's up with that, but it's a thing. I know you'll be wondering that this whole article so let's put it out there right away. 

Now, I stripped for the first time a week after I turned 18, once, because I needed money to get back home (I'm from another province). I finished high school after that, then I moved back here because I fell in absolute love with Montreal. Also because my parents split up when I was 17 and my mom moved far away ( with my dog too) to be with my dad's friend she had been secretly seeing the past 4 years. My Dad was going back to live in the country to be with a new woman that I didn't know very well, I would have been stranded out there since there's no transportation into the city. 

I made $500 my first night stripping and fell in love with the city of Montreal, I thought since my family was peacing out, I will as well. I knew I could make enough money stripping to support myself. I spent my only money on a train ticket here and squatted until I found an apartment. The struggles I've been through to start my life here have been real. The Struggle is Real. I drank a whole lot for two years, I could not dance without alcohol. One day on my third year in the game, I was so hung over one day/night and I had to go to work, that I could not even stomach a drink to get me in my working mood. Since that day I have not had a drink at work in 3 years. Yes, guys offer me drinks all the time, very few don't like it when I say no. Those are the loud assholes I didn't want to dance for anyway.
Today alcohol is out of my life almost completely, I go months without a sip, I'm just not down anymore. Life is easier and actually more enjoyable without it. Anyway, I went to University here for a couple years, got all B's, but I dropped out to do music, which has been going well and is really what I want to do with my life. So I put all my money into that now. I've accomplished a lot for myself because of the freedom and money that comes with stripping. Also, I'm extremely driven and ambitious. I decided to stop dancing a few months ago and took bartending classes, I got a certificate, but I do not speak French. I was too drunk for two years to learn, then I was too busy with University. Then I travelled all over the world!! When looking for a different job I applied "everywhere" in Montreal and couldn't get hired because I'm almost only English speaking. So now, I'm moving out of Quebec in the fall to someplace awesome and new, there's no more money here anyway, my business as well as other industries are declining. All the girls have noticed it, all our money now comes from Toronto & Vancouver cats or Americans. We used to easily make $500 Sunday-Wednesday, then $800 Thursday, $1000 Friday Saturday. Now I'm making like $300 (on a good) Sunday- Wednesday, $300-600 Thursday and $900-1200 Friday & Saturday. Still good money, but it's fast money, not easy money. 

The worst thing about being a stripper is other peoples perception's of it. It's difficult for me to tell people what I do because some people might assume I'm a whore. But I'm not a prostitute, I'm a stripper. It's legal and I follow the rules because I want to. Guys offer me money for more, I've even been offered $5000. from 3 different guys over time, one of them was from Vegas and attractive. You might be reading this thinking that for $5000. you would sell your body, but I assure you that if someone seriously asked you, you'd just get offended, if the time actually came, you probably wouldn't. You'd have to live with that plaguing your mind for the rest of your life. No amount of money is worth being unhappy for. I have met girls who strip and do "extras" and prostitute, but trust, they ain't happy.

Another thing that sucks is that some people assume strippers are dumb. But I don't see anything dumb about making this kind of money to better my future. I have 5 different investments other than my music. At the club I work at currently (Over the years I've worked at almost all of them) a good %70 of the strippers are attending University or already have a degree. I think that guys wish we were dumb because they're jealous of our confidence, beauty, money, freedom. P.S. I have not yet had a boyfriend while stripping that didn't lean on me financially to some degree. But I'm newly single and Super fucking over that. No Scrubs.

To be a stripper you have to have a really thick skin at work. Different guys like different styles of girls, not everyone will be attracted to you no matter what you look like. If you visit the tables of guys too early after they arrive they won't be "drunk enough" to have a dance with you. Sounds harsh but they really just mean they're not drunk enough to watch an hour of their wages fly away each three minutes they spend with you. The special thing about this job is that you have to keep a positive attitude. No one wants a dance from Debby Downer. Even if you don't feel like being there or you have something else weighing on your mind, you have to appear completely cheerful or you won't make any money. And evrey night you have to go through a bunch of "No's" to yet to the "Yes's". Imagine being a hot girl and going up to some average guy, offering him a dance (the opportunity to touch your body, which is a personal thing even if you're stripping) and he says no. You're thinking to yourself "Wtf! Imagine we were not in the club and we were on the sidewalk in the day, you would be overjoyed to touch me". But you will not always get Yes's, so this becomes he hardest part of your night, getting up from his table, accepting his no, then trying to be cheerful at the next one so you can make your money. After a bunch of No's it becomes very hard. There are a bunch of No's every night, pushing through this and finding your positivity within is the only way you'll get through the night and towards your goal of a cash payoff. When I was 18, 19 I used to cry all the time at work (in the bathroom stall quietly) now I'm 24 and sometimes I still do, but now it's only when I'm PMS-ing. I never go to work when it's the beginning of my period because I do not have the patience to do my job at that time.  

One of the worst experiences I had while stripping was nothing too crazy but it's something that pisses me off to the extreme and that is when you explain the rules to someone and they touch your vagina anyway, in that case you punch them in the face really hard. If you touch me however you want, I will touch you however I want.

A good experience is when a short average looking guy (he didn't look rich) kept peeling me off 100's as I talked to him. This is a less than once in a blue moon experience but it still can happen. I was like 20 or something at the time. We talked all night, I did dance for him but only for like 5 songs, at the end of the night all in all he had given me $1400. I used the money to buy furniture for my new apartment. 

The best thing about stripping, besides dancing for nerds, is money and freedom (we make our own schedules and can cancel whenever). I looove giving a nervous nerd a lap dance. I ask them about themselves and make them feel good. It's rewarding for me to make kind people happy. Then there's the divorced guy, also a favourite of mine. I give really good and honest advice if they want to talk about it and I make them feel better. Last week for the first time I did see a rich, young, handsome guy break down into tears over his soon-to-be ex and he was really appreciative of my advice and the fact that I care. I actually do give a shit about the guys that are nice. Some guys are there for the booty, some are there for someone to listen to them, it's pretty 50-50.
 What I learned while stripping is how to be the best damn sales woman ever, I have an answer for everything. I'm persuasive and I can read people in 5 minutes. Like no joke, I can guess a lot about people super quick because at work time is money and you have to get in someones head to make them want you. It's not all about looks, although it helps.  All in all, if you're going to be a stripper, do it right. Don't drink (or do drugs, except maybe smoke weed, unless you're at Osheaga and that's only three days of the year.) Invest your money. Have goals. And remember that not everybody is going to understand, no matter what you do in life you will never please everybody, all you can do is take care of yourself. 
If you're not going to be a stripper, don't hate or judge. I don't judge people that live or lean off their parents in their 20's, you gotta get by somehow. My response to a stripper hater would be, "Yeah I can see why you wanna hate on me, I'm just like you, I think I'm better than everybody too."  
Shout out to Kama Sutra. 

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