Delicatessen: An Art Exhibition About Food Featuring Montreal's Sarah Osborne

Delicatessen: An Art Exhibition About Food Featuring Montreal's Sarah Osborne

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Are you into the art of food? or food portrayed in art?

Montreal is about to get a cool pop-up art exhibition, Delicatessen, which will be curated by Sara Radin, an NYC based curator who organizes art events under the name cultureisland. She's teamed up with emerging Montreal artist Sarah Osborne to showcase her food paintings at an established deli on Monday April 4th at Hof Kelsten from 6-9PM.

We were intrigued by Sarah Osbornes's artwork, and decided to ask her all about her inspirations and what to expect from the exhibition. Scroll through some of her work below while reading through the Q&A: 
IX: Who is Sarah Osborne?
Born In Montreal, Sarah Osborne has undertaken her undegraduate degree in Visual Arts at UQAM. She is currently following her MFA at Concordia University in Painting and Drawing concentration. She paints, cooks and writes.
IX: When did you start getting into the arts?
I got into the arts around my late teens. I always drew a lot, all the time. When I got to cegep, I was convinced I wanted to be a graphic designer but soon realised that I needed to work with my hands rather than from the computer. I switched programs to arts, where I started painting! It felt really good. 

IX: What are some of the artists/personalities that have had an influence on your work?

There are many artists who had an influence on me but the one who really helped me understand what I wanted to do as an artist and how to reach it, is Cynthia Girard (Painter). She was my professor at Uqam and she really changed everything for me. I don't think I would be doing what I am doing now if I had never met her!
Other artists who had a great impact for me are Laura Owens (Painter from LA), Gina Beavers (Painter-LA), Jamian Juliano-Villani (Painter) and Claes Oldenburg (Sculptor) ! I am aslo a big fan of quebec disco/ rock music form the 60s and 70s. Nanette Workman especially. She embodies that retro rock style from quebec that I love! I listen to her music in the studio and I think it influences the work a lot.

The more I paint around this subject though, the more I want to get into it. I would say what the basic themes in my work are my culture as a quebecoise and montrealer.

IX: How do you expect people to react when they see the upcoming exhibition? 

I have no clue how people are going to react. I am the type of artist who always challenges herself. I want things to evolve and therefore I try new things with every new series. What happens in the studio is often a surprise to me, so I guess it's a surprise for the people who see my work to!  It's also my first thematic exhibition and also my first show around food... So we will see how it goes! I think people like the food painting though because food is such a basic need.

IX: Talk to us about how you landed this exhibition. 

It's quite fun how this show hapened because it is such random luck! I used to work at Hof Kelsten until last june. So I know Jeff, the owner, quite well.
I had in mind the idea of doing a show in a restaurant as a thematic thing. My friend Greg Moncada, from NYC, introduced me to Sara through facebook. It's like we were meant to do this project! Sara liked my paintings right away and was super excited about the idea of curating a show with some of my work. We thought that a deli was the perfect spot, considering the fact that it is such a symbol of Montreal's food culture. Jeff offered me to use his space...And here we are!

IX: Will you always dabble in food inspired paintings? 
 I don't necessarily paint food...It's just a thing I am into right now. I started getting into food as a subject while reading on Jehanne Benoit, who wrote Cuisine Canadienne, one of the first cookbooks that documented traditional quebecois recipes. Everyday life in this city... which of course includes food but also a specific fashion, art, music, and my works talks about that. I like the idea that painting can be tied to a culture and location.

You can read more about this exciting event on the website or view the Facebook event here.

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