Three Montreal Women Explore Our Relationship To Water In This Exhibition

Three Montreal Women Explore Our Relationship To Water In This Exhibition

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Three Montreal-based artists are teaming up to showcase their art work through different mediums at an exhibition that will be held at Never Apart from July 7th to October 1stThis exhibition will bring together three women and their investigations about water. 

Encompassing installation, video, photography and performance, the plurality of approaches taken by the artists reveals different layers of understanding of the medium. Questioning concepts of borders and edges, together with the relation between landscape and the body,

Marie-Ségolène, Tess Roby, and Julie Roch-Cuerrier are examining the same theme, presented through different mediums, putting an emphasis on Water and its changing course. The twofold nature of water is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it. As a substance, and a metaphor, all three artists will open our eyes to see the liquid we're all familiar with in new forms. 

Scroll through some of the artist statements below, and be sure to check out the exhibition launching on July 7th right here

Marie Ségolène -

examines the symbolics of water within mythology and founding texts of Western civilization. In Aphrodite, she furthers her research into the ancient ritual of libation creating a three-part durational performance and installation with H Kallisti Deon featuring sculptural elements designed with Garret Johnson and Courtney Pedersen. Visuals were all put together by John Londono. 

Julie Roch-Cuerrier -

presents it meant The World, a research project developed around an erased National Geographic atlas. Representations of the Earth are reduced to a world of colour, creating a new context of understanding. Altogether, these works make us consider how ways of seeing have shaped our relationship to water through history. Water delves into the architecture of images and temporality, presenting work that stretches the boundaries of experience.

Tess Roby -

shares images from her two most recent series: Inner City Growth and The Shape of Worlds Colliding. In these selected images, water is used to create narrative within each body of work, representing themes of space, transition and loss.

Main image by Das Sasha, courtesy of Unsplash

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