Our beginnings were rather ordinary. An unruly bunch of curious college kids involved with various underground arts and culture scenes in our perceived 'golden triangle' of cities, where we felt free to express our eccentric identities and ideas. Cities we found that nurtured artistic individuality coupled with diversity. Cities that welcome the outsider, the absurd, quirky, cynical and the over-opinionated. These cities gave us a voice— and what we’ve done with it in a brief amount of time has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The Indecent Xposure collective has since gone through a series of transformations— and coming of age— until finally establishing itself as a channel and outlet for a force that is so often overlooked, yet so crucial to the formation of everyone’s future; today’s youth. We are the flâneurs who roam your metropolis, enchanted by its magical properties of alienated things. We identify and expose the subcultures that end up institutionalized and commercially packaged for a mass audience. We are the creative aura that many believe has vanished since pop culture de-valued the meaning of high art.

We deploy these sets of beliefs over what is regarded as the last bastion of free-thought. The internet is the most powerful globally connected medium that for the first time in history, an upwardly mobile generation we are catering to has been familiar with for their entire lifetime. We are the observant, skeptical few who really know what’s worth your attention.

The publication is distinctively separated into 3 main sections, and IX:TV is there to englobe the whole thing. 

the buzz

drop your skirt

the grind

The Trollsen Twins - The troublemakers of the Fashion industry:

Nearly 8 months in the making, IX Daily is finally revealed the 2.0 version of their current online publication on January 15th for everyone to witness during our live stream launch: