Q&A | Fake Shark Talk To Us About Their Latest Album Walking Through A Fantasy

Q&A | Fake Shark Talk To Us About Their Latest Album Walking Through A Fantasy

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Fake Shark just released their new album Walking Through A Fantasy and we can't get enough of it. 

Written from a place of pain and isolation, the 7-track album explores the darkness of escapism and delicate space between sleep and being awake. Though filled with up-beat, danceable melodies, the title Walking Through A Fantasy perfectly encapsulates the themes consistent throughout the album - living in the fantasy space of your mind, battling with expectations vs reality.

We decided to hit them up with some questins and they delivered. Scroll through our Q&A below and listen to the album here

How would you describe your music under 140 characters?
Our music has been described as “freak pop”. I think I’d describe it as funky, party, indie rock.

When did you start getting involved in making music? What sparked it all?
Louis and I (I’m kevvy) have been making music for a long time. He use to come to the record store I worked at and we’d show each other music and then we started an early version of this band. Tony was a fan of what we were doing and posted videos of himself covering our songs on youtube, so when we wanted to form this version of the project, we asked him to join. Alex was a session drummer that I always hired for sessions I was producing, and Jake was suggested to us by our friends in the band Actors.

If you could describe your music using a gif, what would it be? 

What’s a typical day in your life look like?
I write music every day, I write comedy every day and I produce music and comedy albums. I also like nba basketbal and tattoo culture, so some variation of these things.l

In what type of circumstances were you in when you started recording your album?
I had come from a writing retreat that changed my life. It was organized by SOCAN and I left with a new found inspiration.

What inspires you the most when writing or recording? Take us through your process.
I can’t feel like I’m repeating myself and I can’t feel like my writing is participating too heavily in current trends. I’m inspired by people who thin ahead of trends, so I aspire to be like that.

Any stand-out tracks you suggest our readers to jump on when giving it a listen?
Famous Enough. We made it with Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat/Mounties.

Any upcoming projects you can tease with us? What’s to come?
We have music in an upcoming movie called Rabid directed by our friends the Soska Sisters!

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