PREMIERE | Lil Lonely Releases Dope Visuals For His Single "Get That Money"

PREMIERE | Lil Lonely Releases Dope Visuals For His Single "Get That Money"

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You might have seen this character around on instagram, in the form of a ken doll. 

Lil Lonely is back with some dope visuals to accompany his debut single release "Get That Money" which we premiered a while back. 

The visuals come in the form of mixed media, giving you a whirlwind of eye candy that'll hypnotize you till the very end. 

We decided to do a lil' Q&A with Lil Lonely to get to know him better and he answered below. Watch the video above. 

How would you describe Lil Lonely under 140 characters? 

I think of myself not as a rapper nor a musician, but as a multimedia artist that uses comedy to express my sincerest fears and insecurities.

Describe to us what a typical day in your life looks like?

Perpetual fear and anxiety of being dishonest with an added daily intake of coffee.

If you had to pick a gif that represents your music, what would it be? 

Talk to us about your new single and video, how long did it take to put together?

During the project’s infancy, I worked closely with animator and childhood friend Bogdan Anifrani, who provided the cartoon animations. Eventually I contacted another former collaborator Adrian Vaktor to work on the stop motion animation segments and, ultimately, to edit the entire music video. The song itself was produced and recorded last year, so it’s been a long time coming.

What type of mindset do you have to be in when you get in the groove of recording?

Making sure all of the mundane aspects of recording have been dealt with, i.e. setting up the mic and/or the guitar, is definitely an important step for me. I prefer recording alone most of the time, but being around other creative talents does really encourage a myriad of ideas.

What is your favourite part of being a musical artist?

Jamming. Whether in the studio with Hi, Humanity or other fellow producers, the ping-ponging of raw ideas is always fun.

What inspires your whole persona online ? Who comes up with everything ?

Because the LIL LONELY character is so personal and mildly autobiographical, I try to come up with the whole narrative. It’s like playing God with a miniature version of yourself, but you’re still constantly sinning. Long story short, I see both my persona and the action figure as a more successful version of myself.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I used to make YouTube vlogs showcasing my record collection.

Any other local artists or creatives that have inspired your work in some shape or form?

Hi, Humanity, Jei Bandit, Khaleem Vs. Khaleem, Yama/Sato, Lunice, Alessandra Lontra, Bogdan Anifrani, Katarina Riopel, and Terry Chiu.

Any upcoming projects you can tease with us? What’s to come?

I’ve got a really FIRE record with Jei Bandit and Hi, Humanity that’s been marinating for a while now. And a short film could be on its way as well.


Instagram - @lil__lonely

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