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IX Daily Interviews Local LuckyMe Affiliate ANGO

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ANGO, member of LuckyMe's 'Montreal chapter', is performing at the S.A.T. this Friday. He will be playing alongside Nick Hook, Star Slinger and Machinedrum (currently on tour showcasing his new album Vapor City). We asked ANGO a few questions about his music, his gear, Montreal and Machinedrum.

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Off-Sonar Party, Moog, Barcelona June 2012

IX: We've heard talk of a new ANGO live show with synched visuals, what's that looking like at the club? How has it panned out so far?

ANGO: The visuals are projected behind me and are totally in sync and reactive to the music that I'm playing and manipulating. They're decidedly low-fi vignettes that reference asian film and animation styles. I've only gotten to do the full AV show in a couple of venues that could support it so far and I'm really excited to perform my new live audio video show at the S.A.T.

Serpentine (download the album in full here)

Your last release was 2012's Serpentine mixtape. What have you been working on in the studio since then ? Will you have any releases on LuckyMe in the new year?

I have a significant library of music ready to come out but it's been a bit delayed. Since my last record I've been doing some writing and producing for major labels and touring a bit with Jacques Greene but we're ready to start releasing some new stuff soon.

How has your studio process changed since Another City Now? Are you focusing more on songwriting than production? Are you working with mostly analog gear these days?

Another City Now was my first step away from being a full-time beatmaker/producer/remixer into singing and songwriting. I've definitely been honing my craft at that over the last two years but I keep making beats. ANC was made entirely with Prophet 5 and LinnDrum sounds (machines I didn't own), but I've acquired a couple of pieces that sound similar to that palette. I'm really in love with the sound and simplicity of the Roland Alpha Juno and have been putting that shit on everything like Frank's.

Another City Now

Your previous work has explored modern r&b, 80's pop and house. Where will you be taking your productions and collaborations in the near future?

That's still the main template although I've been adding elements of ambient and film soundtracks and a bit of psyche/krautrock style vocal processing on my new record. I've been writing to a lot of real glossy hip hop and pop beats for other artists too. Still trying to learn how to lay down chords like Prince though.

How is it working with and performing with Machinedrum? How does a collaboration between two songwriters like yourselves shape up?

Travis is so brilliant and prolific and I'm lucky to share projects, management and a label with him. I'm also a huge fan. We've sat down to make stuff together a couple times and I'm excited to release some of that stuff and perform with him and be a part of the Vapor City tour.

ANGO & RBMA Destination Tokyo Tour (w/ Lunice)

You got your start here in Montreal, after having blown up since then, what do you think of the electronic and beats scenes here now? What's changed?

I'm not really sure what the tiny venues and club nights are anymore. When I moved to MTL and played with Lunice and Jacques [Greene] and Prison Garde and Seb Diamond, we had Zoobizarre to foster our little sound. By the time I was leaving most of the venues had dried up. I think there are a couple of amazing dudes coming out though (Tommy Kruise, Shash'U, Kaytranada) and Seb continues to DJ and do amazing things. Montreal will continue to be an epicenter of alternative electronic and beat music. I miss not being in the city everyday, so much. It's really the best place in the country.

Interview by Jesse Polowin
Intro text & layout by Marc-Olivier Novak 

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