Strange & Primitive: Debut Album ft. 80's Visuals and Vibes

Strange & Primitive: Debut Album ft. 80's Visuals and Vibes

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Canadian duo Strange & Primitive’s self-titled debut album is a cerebral journey through sound and space. Synth-infused melodies, dissonant beats, off-kilter riffs and emotive vocals fuse together, creating unique and intricate circuitry. Strange & Primitive is an album "that feels like a newborn sentient being, its neurons pulsing with dark energy brought to life by the band’s curiosity to explore their musical boundaries." 

You can download "Highwayman" for free via their soundcloud: 

There’s a distinct 80s flavour to the album, albeit the darker side of the era. Single Difficulties Be Damned is tense - tribal beats and robotic synths entwine, crescendoing with electronic eloquence. The track is trance-like, with Musgrave channelling Mark Hollis-esque vocals, in homage to influences like Talk TalkWe asked them to put together a list of their favourite 80s artist in which they drew inspiration from for their own music. Scroll through their choices below:  

Talking Heads

80s Albums: Remain in Light, Speaking in Tongues, Little Creatures, True Stories, Naked
Their frontman David Byrne had a very unusual stage presence, they had a surprising element of the avant garde mixed in with their music (especially when working with producer Brian Eno) and in the 1980s they really brought the rhythm! We really love this music and it’s easily some of the finest and most influential of the decade.

Peter Gabriel

80s Albums: Peter Gabriel (aka melt), Peter Gabriel (aka Security), So
Peter Gabriel is one of our favourite vocalists and solo artists of all time, and in the 1980s he released what we think are his three best albums. One thing we love about his albums is his ability to balance the variety on them. His first solo albums which we also like are very adventurous but sometimes at the expense of losing that ‘album’ feeling. In the 80s he seems to have really found the balance and the records really progress with a purpose.

King Crimson

80s Albums: Discipline, Beat, Three of A Perfect Pair

Robert Fripp returned with a very new and different King Crimson outfit in 1981. The revamped sound included a mix of Gamelan and New Wave music. New frontman Adrian Belew brought his experiences playing with David Bowie, Talking Heads and Frank Zappa and we think those artists can be heard as well as influences. It was easily the best progressive rock of the decade.

Bruce Springsteen

80s Albums: The River, Nebraska, Born in the USA, Tunnel of Love

Bruce Springsteen had a pretty dominant 80s. Three number one albums in the US and all four releases went platinum. Sales aside, the music was also excellent and all four albums are essential listening. The 80s was also the decade where Springsteen perfected juxtaposing the brighter warmer sounds of rock n roll with the decay and darker aspects of America.

Talk Talk

80s Albums: The Party’s Over, It’s My Life, The Colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock
Talk Talk took one of the most fascinating musical journeys in the 1980s. Beginning as a pure synthpop band with The Party’s Over, the band slowly transformed into the earthy jazz/improvisational unit that could be heard in the Laughing Stock. ‘Life’s What you Make It’ is one of our favourite singles of all time and it comes off The Colour of Spring where the warm earthy and bright synth elements are balance each other out to create their influential sound.


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